Khadkeshwar Hatcheries Ltd. the flagship company of RJ Group was established in the year 1990. It is one of the largest integrated poultry companies in Maharashtra.

Recently, the company went public by changing its constitution from “Private Limited Company” to a “Limited Company”.

The company is primarily involved in rearing of parent chicks and production & sale of day old boiler chicks. It started expanding its activity into integrated poultry business which includes production of parent chicks, hatching eggs and contract breeder & broiler farming from 2004.

The feed is produced through M/s. RJ Feeds Pvt Ltd, associate concern of Khadkeshwara. RJ Feeds has recently taken over a poultry company M/s.Gold’n Chiks Ltd., Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.
The chicken brand “Chubby Chicks” of Gold’n Chiks Ltd is an established brand in South East Africa.

Khadkeshwara has recently established its brand of dressed Chicken "K-Delite" and entered into retail marketing. It has set up retail outlets at Bangalore and aims to expand in other metro cities.

KHL‘s products include Broiler Hatching Eggs, Day Old Broiler Chicks, Finished Broiler Birds, Poultry Feed and Dressed Chicken.

For more information, visit www.khadkeshwara.com

The diversification continued and the area chosen this time was agri inputs. In 1994, the group decided to set up N.P.K. fertilizer manufacturing unit at Latur with active participation from local farmers. This was a major milestone in the history of group.

This activity was further extended by setting up of two new units in year 2000 one at Hospet (Karnataka) and second at Aurangabad.

The company started its production at Kolhapur in the year 2006 in leased plant. With this, collective capacity has increased to 1,27,000 MT per annum.

The amount invested by the company in these units is to the tune Rs.1500.00 lacs. The company is providing employment to more than 250 workers.

Presently, MFL is the largest manufacturer of NPK granulated mixed fertilizers in private sector in the country. MFL has acquired ISO certification in 2000 becoming the first unit of such kind to achieve this certification in the country

MFL has acquired ISO certification in 2000 becoming the first unit of such kind to achieve this certification in the country.

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For more information, visit www.marutifertochem.com

RJ Biotech Pvt Ltd. is one of the few seed companies in India having its own R & D centres and carrying out the extensive research work under guidance of qualified Senior Scientists and Breeders.
Recently this company went public by changing its constitution from “Private Limited Company” to a “Limited Company” .

The company is having its DSIR recognized R&D centers at Aurangabad (Maharashtra) and Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) 

The commercial launch of the products was started from Kharif 2008. It has established its market in Chilli, Tomato, Okra and Watermelon Hybrids in many states.

The company has also Identified an unique hybrid in Bt Cotton and has successfully developed High yielding hybrids in Bajra and Maize. The products are very popular among the farming community and in high demand.

For more information, visit www.rjbiotech.com

It is into Manufacturing Neem based organic fertilizers / soil conditioners and natural pesticides. Its products are the first neem products in the world to get certified by ECOCERT for use in organic farming.
The products are exported to many countries viz. developed countries, middle east, Germany, Australia, Japan and African countries like Kenya & Tanzania.

These products are exported to Japan, Germany, Singapore, Korea, Sri Lanka, Middle East and African Countries

For more information, visit www.neemindia.com

Deogiri Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. established in 2007 was promoted by a team having wide experience in construction field.

The company is engaged in civil constructions like Roads, Bridges, Dam, Canals, Mega Buildings

The company is registered with State PWD as Class I-A Contractor and has undertaken many prestigious projects.